Super-Nature was created by an experienced pedagogic development team led by Helen Doron, a linguistic leader in the growth of English as a Foreign Language programmes. Helen Doron Educational Group programmes are recognized worldwide as the premier EFL programmes available to children and teens.

This business opportunity brings an English language enrichment programme into the school. Developed for grades 1 through 4, this programme teaches vocabulary based on terminology found in nature and situations that relate to a child’s world.

Super-Nature is an energetic and dynamic course that understands the importance of English in primary school. Young pupils absorb and retain large amounts of spoken English quickly and with enthusiasm using Super-Nature stories, ESL games for kids and fun activities that encourage children to learn.

The Super-Nature programme is flexible; it can be offered as a one year to four year course, depending upon the number of times it is taught per week. The programme can also be introduced as a summer enrichment course.  Nature-oriented stories, lively original songs, interactive games can be found at creative activities make learning English with Super-Nature fun and exciting.

Is it right for me?

This Helen Doron Educational Group programme is available as a licensed business opportunity. As a distributor, you will start and manage your own business, with the support of a recognized international educational company. You’ll promote an outstanding brand, offering a unique educational program.

Starting Up

When you join us as a Super-Nature distributor, you’ll receive business training materials and resources covering everything you’ll need to know to run a successful licensed business.  Our distributors have the benefit of

  • An established brand recognized worldwide.
  • Discounts on material purchases and royalty rates
  • Business training and ongoing support

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