Ready Steady Move®

The Ready Steady Move!  programme guides children through an active routine of movement, calisthenics and light exercise with elements from a variety of disciplines, including yoga, Pilates, dance and martial arts warm ups. The movement routines are used to introduce a basic vocabulary in one of six languages: English, Spanish, German, Hebrew, French, or Mandarin.

Franchising with Ready Steady Move! offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to start and manage a unique business, with the support and backing of a globally recognized educational company.

This programme can also be licensed and is well suited for recreation centres, park districts and other communal venues.

The use of movement to introduce language greatly enhances the student’s comprehension and retention of vocabulary. Language is introduced without translation, mother-tongue style, while children perform the corresponding movements.  The children’s increasing language abilities are mirrored by their growing movement repertoire.

Physical benefits of the program include: increased flexibility, balance, coordination, strength and overall body control and awareness. Self-confidence in both movement and language ability is increased through specially designed activities.

Ready Steady Move gives children three great advantages in one course: they learn a healthy movement routine, have an introduction to a second language, and build their self-confidence as they succeed at both.

Our Offer

Ready Steady Move!  is available as a franchise or a licensed business opportunity. Here is an opportunity to start and manage your own business, with the support of a recognized international educational company. You’ll promote an outstanding brand, offering a unique educational program that will contribute materially to improving children’s physical health.

When you join us as a Franchisee, you’ll receive comprehensive business training, covering everything you’ll need to know to run a successful franchise area. As a Franchisee, you have a number of benefits:

  • Discounts on material purchases and royalty rates
  • Business training and long-term support
  • Receive positive international brand recognition
  • Create a better future for the next generation

The programme is also available as a licensed business opportunity.

Is it right for me?

As a Ready Steady Move! franchisee, you can grow an exciting business while providing a unique educational opportunity to children in your area. The Ready Steady Move! franchise provides you with outstanding educational programmes and the training and support to launch your success.

The Ready Steady Move! franchise support system includes:

Professional training: Comprehensive training courses and manuals provide you with the organizational, administrative and pedagogic information you need to open your franchise business.

Start-up assistance: Personalized business plans and assistance will help you start your business on the track to success.

Management assistance: A wide range of support services and management assistance is available to help you grow your business.

Promotional assistance: Creative, professionally produced promotional materials, as well as marketing advice, are available to support your local promotional and advertising campaigns.

Starting Up

A Franchisee controls marketing and distribution rights in an exclusive area of approximately 4 to 10 million inhabitants. The Franchisee organizes teacher training seminars, handles royalties, and orders and distributes Ready Steady Move! learning materials.

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