The MathRiders programme for students 4-18 is designed to help students learn maths without fear and to improve their mathematical skills through fun and creative lessons.  MathRiders® Master Franchisors own and operate a regional network of MathRiders Learning Centres and coordinate all Learning Centre activities in their own exclusive territory.

Master Franchisors are able to tailor the programme to meet the regulations of their own country.

With MathRiders after-school enrichment programme students:

  • Develop problem-solving techniques for long term retention
  • Discover the mathematical nature of our everyday world
  • Cultivate a genuine understanding of mathematical concepts
  • Master ingenious learning methods and tools

These school programmes are designed to strengthen each student’s academic skills and boost self-confidence by helping students achieve success in school.

Is it right for me?

As a MathRiders franchisee, you can grow an exciting business while providing an educational head start to children in your area. The MathRiders franchise provides you with outstanding educational programmes and the training and support to launch your success.

The MathRiders franchise support system includes:

Professional training: Comprehensive training courses and manuals provide you with the organizational, administrative and pedagogic information you need to open your franchise business.

Start-up assistance: Personalized business plans and assistance will help you start your business on the track to success.

Management assistance: A wide range of support services and management assistance is available to help you grow your business.

Promotional assistance: Creative, professionally produced promotional materials, as well as marketing advice, are available to support your local promotional and advertising campaigns.

Starting Up

Master Franchisors own and operate a regional network of MathRiders Learning Centres for areas of 4 to 10 million people. The Master Franchisor coordinates all MathRiders Learning Centre activities in his exclusive territory. In addition, the Master Franchisor is responsible for organizing regional teacher training courses, ordering and selling MathRiders materials, collecting royalties from teachers and franchisees, and providing teachers and franchisees with support services.

To support your start up efforts we provide a cohesive training course that covers administrative, pedagogic, business and marketing topics specific to our organization.

To learn more go to the MathRiders website.