Helen Doron Kindergarten®

A unique preschool experience, our Helen Doron Kindergarten curriculum is founded on Helen Doron’s many years of experience in the English as a Second Language industry for young children and her own philosophy on child development.

The Helen Doron Kindergarten method nurtures childrens’ inherent potential for excellence and provides a strong basis for literacy in mother tongue English as well as mathematical and scientific thinking. Because young minds are more receptive to learning through music, it is core to all lessons at Helen Doron Kindergarten. Helen Doron certified teachers also use play, games, stories, workbooks, flashcards and their own creativity to make classes fun and exciting. Children build a foundation of excellence and a love for learning.

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Get the most from your investment

With 30 years of experience, we know your prime concern is to fully maximize your investment. When you purchase a Helen Doron® Kindergarten Master Franchisor area, you receive territorial exclusivity to market both the Helen Doron Kindergarten and Helen Doron English Learning Centres. In addition, you can offer exclusive Helen Doron® holiday and summer activities to further ensure that your Helen Doron campus is fully utilized all year long.

Establish yourself and quickly expand

Helen Doron Kindergarten Master Franchisors enjoy territorial exclusivity over a large area that provides a substantial target population base. You will be expected to first set up and operate your own kindergarten campus and then quickly expand brand presence through sub-franchise sales.

Choose the pedagogic model right for your area

As a global enterprise, we understand that one size fits all doesn’t always work—especially when children are involved.  We offer three models so that you can pick the one most suited to your market.

Helen Doron® Bilingual Kindergartens have a native English speaker and a local-language kindergarten teacher present at all times in the classroom.

Helen Doron® English-Enriched Kindergartens are taught by a local kindergarten teacher, reinforced by four hours of Helen Doron® activities daily, taught in English by a Helen Doron certified teacher.

Helen Doron® All-English Kindergartens in which all activities are taught in English by a Helen Doron® certified teacher with local kindergarten or early childhood development diplomas.

Is it right for me?

Successful Helen Doron® Kindergarten Master Franchisors combine the accumulated Helen Doron® company knowledge and resources with their own entrepreneurial talents and initiative to create a successful, thriving education business.

Who are we looking for?

  • Experienced, business professionals with available investment capital
  • Entrepreneurs with the means and skills to fund and direct a business with vast growth potential
  • Visionaries with the necessary savvy to promote the industry’s premier educational programmes
  • Leaders who understand the importance and value of quality education for young children
  • Managers with proven experience in large organisations, preferably franchise experience
  • Individuals with connections to relevant local and national education networks in their region, including government ministries and private industries

Starting Up

As a Helen Doron® Kindergarten Master Franchisor you will enjoy unlimited direct contact with Head Office for administrative, financial, marketing and pedagogic support. To support your start up efforts we provide a comprehensive training course and manual that covers administrative, pedagogic, business and marketing topics specific to our organization.

Your Master Franchisor responsibilities can be divided into three categories:

Administrative duties include collecting lesson fees (royalties) and ordering and selling pedagogic materials to your sub-franchised Kindergartens. You will also be responsible for organizing Helen Doron® Teacher Training Courses and other professional events for your teachers and franchisees.

Brand expansion activities focus on selling new Helen Doron® Kindergarten franchises within your exclusive area.

Marketing and public relations coordination for your area will typically include producing printed materials, coordinating online and offline advertising and acting as the head spokesperson for Helen Doron® Kindergartens in your area. You will target acquisition of new students, recruitment of teachers and identifying potential new franchisees.