Looking for Franchising Opportunities? Find out more!

YES! Franchise exclusivity is the backbone of our shared success, and an important benefit of our global marketing structure

Yes. You will pay ongoing royalties. The structure of the royalties varies between the different franchises.

NO. You are charged a one-time franchise fee for our franchising rights. When it comes time to renew the agreement, you will not be required to pay any additional franchise fees.

Differences in length and duration of training may vary depending on the specific Helen Doron educational franchise program you have chosen.

Our franchise training programs are presented in two parts:

1. Business training: 2-3 day course provides the commercial, managerial, and administrative knowledge required to get you started.

2. Pedagogic training: Exclusive training courses provide a comprehensive understanding of the specific learning program combining both methodology and practical application.


Franchising provides entrepreneurs with an affordable means of accelerating and achieving business goals and with far less risk than would otherwise be the case.
Franchisees have a head start in developing their business because of the support provided by the franchise system. As franchisors, we are there to provide you with “hands on,” one-to-one assistance.
Successful franchisees combine our knowledge and resources with their own unique entrepreneurial drive, talent, initiative, and dedication, to form a business relationship of mutually expanding economic opportunity.