Our Mission

“To provide educational excellence, enjoyment and creativity through unique and effective methodologies and materials to benefit children everywhere.”

Global Enterprise

The Helen Doron Educational Group began in 1985 as a small home-based business. Since then, the company has become an international leader in children’s educational franchising, with 100 Master Franchisors and over 1000 Learning Centres and Kindergartens in 37 countries across 4 continents.  The reputation of our pedagogic excellence is known worldwide and highly respected.

When you join the Helen Doron Educational Group, you gain a proven business model. We are dedicated to providing you with the best and most innovative educational materials and training support.

Our exclusive methodology and educational materials offer innovative, results-oriented educational programs in many important spheres of education for babies, children, adolescents, and teens the world over. Now you can combine a high growth potential franchise opportunity with a vocation that helps children everywhere to develop, have fun, and achieve through our proven educational franchise programs.

English Effortlessly

As a pioneer in teaching children English as a mother tongue, with years of methodological development and experience as a leading franchisor of English educational learning centres, I invite you to join us as a Helen Doron Educational Group franchising partner.”

A linguistic scientist and educator, Helen founded the Helen Doron Educational Group in 1985, when she set about creating her own teaching materials to help children understand and speak English. Based on her success, she created more pedagogic materials and started training others in her exclusive methodology—teaching children English in the same way they learn their mother tongue.

Helen Doron began her career teaching English to University students in France. However, when her own children were young, she realized why children were not learning English well. She understood the key was to start young and Reading and Writing were not suitable teaching methods for them. Children simply were not being taught appropriately. And where was the love for learning that she thought all children should have?

As a linguist, Helen decided then and there the time had come to create a comprehensive learning methodology. She pioneered learning through emotional, physical, creative and intellectual growth, and created a lasting love of learning in all children spanning all cultures. The Helen Doron method caught on fast, and within a short time, the original network of specially trained teachers grew into a vibrant international franchise operation.

Helen’s passion was, and still remains today, maximizing the learning capabilities of babies, young children and teens and producing the best programmes to encourage and enable success. Helen and her development teams pioneered learning through emotional, physical, creative and intellectual growth.

Helen Doron stands at the forefront of innovative educational systems. The company’s flagship franchise, Helen Doron English, along with Helen Doron Kindergarten, MathRiders, Ready-Steady-Move franchises today encompass nearly 800 learning centres in over 30 countries in Europe, Asia and South America. Over two million children have benefited from Helen’s ongoing dedication to excellence in education.

Unique Methodology

Nearly three million children of all ages have benefited from Helen Doron’s unique pedagogic methodology and educational materials. The methodologies for all Helen Doron Educational Group trace their origins to her unique English as a foreign language (EFL) methodology which allows children as young as three months to learn English just like they learn their mother tongue–through repeated hearing and positive reinforcement.

Over the years we have gleaned much about how children learn. We are able to apply this understanding to the Helen Doron methodology — learning through positive reinforcement, repetition and learning made fun— and is a basis for all our programmes. Each programme has its own unique principles that bring the Helen Doron methodology to life.

Mother-Tongue Methodology
Just as babies and infants learn their mother tongue by hearing words, sentences, songs and stories over and over again, and receiving positive feedback from their caretakers, so children can learn a foreign language using this same natural technique. Today, Helen Doron English system offers courses in English for children from only 3 months old up through secondary school completion – age 19.

Scientific research today is saying what every mother has always known in her heart: young children have infinite potential and contain the seeds of genius. Together with wanting to nurture and develop their children’s mental and physical capacities, parents want their children to be happy, joyful, confident and compassionate. Helen Doron English programmes for children ages 3 months up through secondary school completion, age 19, enable infants, youth and teens to develop their full potential, while remaining thoughtful and loving individuals.

Ready Steady Move Programme Methodology

Right Brain –Left Brain
The language through movement programme, Ready-Steady-Move methodology is based on whole brain learning (right and left hemispheres). The programmes exercises and routines involve cross-body movements, such as slapping the left knee with the right hand, to help children develop better coordination and to encourage bilateral neural connections in the brain. Lessons also include a variety of activities to stimulate both left- and right-side brain functions. Combining a language-learning element with the physical routines is particularly effective at engaging both hemisphere’s of the child’s brain.

Staying Active
Children need to stay active – regular physical activity promotes healthy growth and development. The simple fact is, the more active the child, the healthier the child. A variety of mental and physical activities help children develop into healthy adults.

It’s especially important to engage young children in exciting, dynamic physical activities. Participating in the structured body and mind building exercises of the Ready Steady Move! programme helps children start an “Active” rather than a “Passive” life, for better growth, more self-confidence and improved learning.

MathRiders Programme Methodology

MathRiders is all about bringing maths to life. The programme makes maths a vibrant part of everyday experience and gives students the knowledge necessary to achieve better grades in school. The programme is based on four important principles:
Appreciation: With mathematics around us everywhere, children should be trained to see it. MathRiders and Mathjogs reveal the beauty and logic of maths in the day-to-day world: music and rhyme, architecture and art, science and engineering – even nature.

Encouragement: Children are naturally motivated to investigate and explore the world around them. Our instructors build an environment of trust, patience and cooperation that leaves students open to new concepts and ideas.
Assessment: Students receive regular assessment of their math skills and progress, to keep an accurate record of their strengths and to plan effective lessons. By sharing in the evaluation process, students develop confidence in their own abilities.

Partnership: No student learns in a vacuum. In the MathRiders and Mathjogs programmes, students work with the support of a teacher and a peer group. In addition, parents are invited to join the process.

Helen Doron Kindergarten Methodology supports Brain, Body and Being. It enables children to become motivated learners, well prepared to start primary school through positive reinforcement, music and play. They develop motor skills through a specially-designed movement programme using elements of dance, Pilates and yoga.
Children establish healthy eating habits through healthy nutrition and benefit from tender, loving care support and encouragement.
Super-Nature in the classroom shares the key learning principles from the Helen Doron English methodology. Repeated hearing, positive reinforcement, innovative learning materials and above all, learning made fun, ensure that all children learn English.

The Helen Doron teaching method takes into account children’s unique learning styles and uses games, movement, music and lots of fun to maximize kids’ natural love of learning and tendency to absorb languages. At any age, children enjoy our lessons which are highly structured, yet fun and dynamic at all times.

Social Responsibility

Our company culture is grounded in a commitment to issues that impact children everywhere. From relieving distress in a crisis, to fostering understanding on a local level or promoting animal welfare, Helen Doron Educational Group takes a proactive role. We’re very proud of our social programs and invite you to take a closer look.

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