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Helen Doron English

Courses in English as a Foreign Language for children ages 3 months to 19 years based on an exclusive methodology that works.

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Helen Doron Kindergarten

Part- or full-day kindergarten for children ages 2 to 6 years with options for Bilingual, English-enriched or all-English programmes.

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A new way to think about Maths. Enrichment courses for children ages 2 to 19 years increase motivation and enjoyment, confidence and ability.

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Fun, intelligent English in the classroom developed especially for students in grades 1-4.

Online Games

Online games to practice English for kids 3-12


Exclusive YouTube channel of Helen Doron songs for kids 0-6


Streaming English radio station for teens

 Mobile Apps

Educational apps and games for kids in English

Recent News

1910, 2020

Helen Doron Chosen as One of the Most Influential Women in Franchising

We are proud to announce that Helen Doron, CEO & Founder of the Helen Doron Educational Group, was chosen as the 4th most Influential Businesswoman in Franchising 2020: Support & Mentorship. This latest accolade follows […]

109, 2019

Helen Doron Blog – Language Development in Children – Part I

I’d like to discuss language development in children and how kids can easily learn a second, third – even fourth language.

Now children are absolutely amazing; they are limited only by what we can present to […]

303, 2019

Helen Doron Educational Group Wins Global Franchise Award

Acclaimed brand honoured as Best Children’s & Education Franchise internationally

The Helen Doron Group is officially recognized in international competition as Best Children’s & Education Franchise 2019. Founder and CEO, Helen Doron, attended the International Franchise […]

1202, 2019

Helen’s Blog, Healthy Food Choices for Your Child

Healthy Food Choices for Your Child – Debunking the “milk myth.”

Many of us were raised on dairy products and our mothers were told, and believed, that milk is nature’s perfect food. Research, however, is showing […]

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