"Recent brain research proves that children begin learning at an earlier age than was previously believed. And there is a strong connection between a child's early development and his success later in life�.�

Jane Carroll Andrade
State Legislatures Magazine, USA: June 2002

Dada-VinciTM Music
Communicating with potential developers

There are 2 potential courses:
1) Prenatal music stimulation
2) Birth � age 2 years

Dada-VinciTM Know
A multilingual song and encyclopedic knowledge program, developed for children from birth through the age of 2 and their caregivers.

An in house development, this is an exciting and stimulating program based on the idea of encyclopedic knowledge. Knowledge is enhanced by screening images in different categories: art, artists, physics, chemistry, botany, zoology, culture, maths, history, and physiology with simultaneous narration of facts regarding these images.

Dada-VinciTM Sense
A developmental program designed for young children, from birth through the age of 2 and their caregivers.

Developed by early development expert, Dr. Ofra Walter, this program focuses on enhancing the young child�s psychomotor, social, and cognitive abilities.

The program includes four courses, each designed for a specific age group.
Each course contains 12 lessons.

Dada-VinciTM health
Prenatal and Postnatal health Program

Communicating with potential developers
There are 4 potential courses:
1) Prenatal health
2) Postnatal Recovery and Baby Nurture
3) Baby health
4) Toddler health