Dada-VinciTM Sense

Sensory-Motor Skills program
Birth to 24 months

This program includes four courses designed to accompany your child�s development from birth up until two years of age. The course was developed by Dr. Ofra Walter together with the Helen Doron Educational Group, and focuses on enhancing and developing your child�s motor, social, and cognitive abilities.

Each course is specifically tailored to accommodate the abilities of four age groups:
  • Birth � 4 months
  • 5 � 12 months
  • 12 � 18 months
  • 18 � 24 months
The twelve lessons within each course are fun, interactive, and musical. You will become more aware of your child�s developmental milestones, while you spend quality time bonding and playing with him or her.

Classes are conducted in small groups, allowing the teacher to give each parent/child pair personal attention. Teachers are trained to modify exercises according to the ability of each participant, aiding them to reach their maximum potential.

Stimulating teaching aids are used to enhance the children�s creativity. Many of the activities in the program focus on encouraging the child to be inquisitive and explore his or her environment.

Dada-Sense will:

  • Provide precious moments for you and your child to share
  • Enhance your awareness and understanding of infant development
  • Provide you with tools to facilitate your child's social, motor, and cognitive abilities

Who are Dada-Sense Teachers?

Our teachers are professionals who have been specially trained to use our courses in order to give your child the very best start in life. They come from backgrounds such as:
  • Pediatric physical therapy
  • Pediatric occupational therapy
  • Physical education
  • Kindergarten or primary school education

What materials will you receive?

Upon registering for each course, you receive a detailed Parent Guide + CD that allows you to:
  • Continue practicing the activities at home in the correct fashion. The activities are explained in words and with pictures to guide you correctly through the exercises that you will already have encountered in class.
  • Sing the songs in English and your mother tongue. Illustrated lyrics are included in the Parent Guide, and you will have the CD to listen to.
Colourful, illustrated story books, one each for levels 3 and 4, are printed in English, with space provided to insert your local language during class.

How are lessons structured?

The lesson is comprised of a variety of activities. Some are carried out with the whole group and others in parent/child pairs. Music is an integral part of the program and incorporates a wonderful selection of both traditional and original songs written by Helen Doron, Niko Levy and Dr. Ofra Walter.

The teacher facilitates fun developmental activities utilizing various aids to:
  • Stimulate your child�s sensory system
  • Stimulate your child�s auditory, visual, and balance systems
  • Enhance your child�s kinesthetic abilities
  • Enhance your child�s cognitive skills (i.e. the ability to explore, think, and conceptualize)
  • Enhance your child�s fine and gross motor skills
  • Enhance your child�s body and spatial awareness