Dada-VinciTM Know

Multilingual Song and Encyclopedic Knowledge program
Birth to 24 months

This program is designed to promote your child�s cognitive development, providing stimulus for the formation of millions of neural connections in his or her fast developing brain. It is based on the concept of encyclopedic knowledge, aimed towards enhancing your child�s vocabulary and general knowledge over a wide variety of fields, such as zoology, art, geography, science, maths, and more. Your child will literally have the world at his/her fingertips!

Dada-Know will expose you and your child to six different languages through songs. Each song is accompanied by gentle movements that help promote physical development.

What learning materials will you receive?

You will receive as set of 12 DVDs with thousands of images accompanied by narrated facts which correlate to, and expand on the material presented in the twelve lessons in each course. You will have the option of viewing the DVDs at home at your convenience. Also you can select your mother tongue, or any number of foreign languages, in order to enhance your child�s learning experience.

Additionally, you receive a CD with songs in 6 languages: English, Mandarin, Spanish, French, Russian, plus mother-tongue for home listening and enjoyment. The set also includes a booklet of accompanying lyrics. It�s so exciting to be able to sing the same song in 6 different languages.

Our teachers are trained especially to help instill a love of learning in your child, giving them a good basis for all future learning - having learned to appreciate knowledge for knowledge�s sake.