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The gift of learning since 1985! The Helen Doron Educational Group represents an outstanding educational franchise business opportunity for qualified entrepreneurs and prospective franchise partners.

Our exclusive methodology and educational materials offer innovative, results-oriented educational programs in many important spheres of education for babies, children, adolescents, and teens the world over. Now you can combine a high growth potential franchise opportunity with a vocation that helps youngsters everywhere to develop, have fun, and achieve through our proven educational franchise programs.

Helen Doron Early English
For ages 3 months to 19 years.
Small group learning program
with only 4 - 8 children per class.

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Helen Doron Early English
The number 1 method worldwide for teaching English to babies, children and teens. The only internationally acclaimed English learning method that allows children to absorb English the same way they learn their mother tongue.

  • Stimulating a child's natural ability to learn
  • Repeated home background hearing
  • Highly trained teachers
  • Insightful approach that encourages enjoyment
  • Exceptional learning materials designed by experts

Super-Nature 1 & 2
Spoken English for elementary
school children grades 1-3.
Larger group learning in schools

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Super-Nature 1 & 2, English, Nature & Ecology
Opens children's minds to an appreciation of nature and ecology. Teaching approximately 500 new English words in each course.

  • Good first basis for English language acquisition
  • Fun, active lessons stimulate quick language absorption
  • Using terminology found in nature and situations that relate to a child's world

Didi the Dragon and Polly the Collie for ages 2-7
Spoken English through songs and rhymes
Larger group learning in kindergartens.

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Didi the Dragon and Polly the Collie
4 years of outstanding kindergarten/pre-school English courses that offer children a highly effective method of learning English through a rich musical experience.

  • Video DVDs, workbooks and CDs
  • Stories, songs, dances, activities and games
  • Using a wide variety of musical styles and rhythms
  • Reinforced background hearing of songs at home
  • Teaches English vocabulary and sentence structure.

Outstanding Math Enrichment Program
MathRiders for ages 4 - 18 years.

Small group learning program
with only 4 - 8 children per class.

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Divided into two age-appropriate programs:
  • MathJogs encourages children aged 4-11 to seek out and discover Maths in the world around them. Created by pedagogical and child development experts, MathJogs learning materials are used to motivate, teach, and provide each child with a sense of personal achievement.
  • MathRiders helps children aged 11-18 to keep up with schoolwork and to improve their grades, while teaching self-reliance and good study habits, keeping them interested and motivated.

Ready Steady Move is an innovative movement
with language program for children ages 3 to 8,
that helps youngsters build healthy bodies
and increase their capacity to absorb a new language

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  • Fun, musical activities and movement based on yoga, Pilates, dance, martial arts and more.
  • The program is available in various formats: Kindergartens & Schools Grades 1-3,.After-School Classes, Family Classes, Summer Camp Course, and Children’s Birthday Parties.
  • Multilingual Programs: English, French, Spanish, Mandarin and Hebrew.

Dada-Vinci consists of four different types
of programmes. Programmes designed for participants from pre-birth until the age of 2
- a the most vital period of growth and and physical
and emotional development.
This is why Dada-Vinci is so important.

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Pre-Natal and Early Education

  • Enhances children’s psychomotor skills and promotes parental insight.
  • Endows encyclopedic knowledge in various areas such as art, botany, zoology, maths, and more.
  • Strengthens the mental and physical health of pregnant women, babies, and children.
  • Stimulates brain activity in unborn children through music and enhances creativity and toddlers.

Choosing the right kindergarten for your child is one of the most important parenting decisions you will make. That is why we made sure that Helen Doron Kindergartens provide your child with everything he/she needs to succeed..

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Helen Doron Kindergartens

  • Treat all children with respect as individuals, promoting their self-esteem
  • Encourage children to explore their full range of abilities and potential
  • Strive for academic excellence, developing enquiring minds with a love of learning
  • Provide a caring and stimulating learning environment
  • Encourage physical and mental fitness through body movement and healthy nutrition
  • Create a safe, fun, hands-on learning environment designed for kids
  • Can adapt to meet the needs of each country